Small Group Training

Power Plate Small Group Exercise is a brand new, fun and really powerful workout! The exercise only lasts 30 minutes, but power is guaranteed.

Power Plate small group training combines different hit styles such as zen, core, yoga, crossfit, pilates and interval training HIIT. Guided half-hour workout edit your body, burn fat, tone up, eliminate cellulite, increase muscle strength, improve endurance and prepare different species (eg. Tennis, running, cross country skiing, downhill skiing). Body care, recovery, stretching and mobility training are also a key part of Power Plate training.

Small groups will continue at Espa!

Book your seat for a one-time appointment with our online booking! For your first visit, make sure you have time to fill out the pre-workout form before training. Check out the small group schedule.

All five themes alternate between small groups:


Zen class is a relaxing, bodily recovery workout. The lesson strengthens the abdomen, makes deep stretches with yoga and pilate-type movements, and enhances the body’s metabolism through massage. The Zen class is used to maintain muscles, making it ideal for people with back pain or separation.


X is a BootCamp power training. An explosive array of strength training, cardio and functional workouts with a variety of resistors, dumbbells and kettlebells ensure the city’s toughest set! X is more than a strong hour and a more challenging half hour. Come and enjoy a versatile and fun crossfit spirited workout with power and glamor.


Strong, as its name implies, aims to increase the strength of the whole body. 3D vibration combined with resistance and ankle exercise makes your workout muscles tense. Strong is a purely power training workout that is perfect for you who want stronger muscles and more power for strength-intensive workouts. A controlled and clever pack of strength training with weights and knuckles. Sweat rises to the surface as the pounds swing.


All year long beach condition. Highly effective fat burning and heart rate-boosting HIIT hour with occasional dumbbells and kettlebells. Burn is ideal for those who are looking for quick results who are not interested in traditional running or gym activities. Great workout for exercise, weight loss and those with metabolic freezes.


Do you want mobility, faster reflexes and better balance? Thrive is a lesson in balance, coordination and responsiveness, where controlled and moderate exercises challenge your brain and refresh your body and mind. Exercise prevents injuries and reduces the risk of falling, regardless of age or fitness level – from youngster to senior and top athlete to couch potato.