Power Plate for Medical Care

At Power Body Helsinki, you will be assisted by experienced nurses who are familiar with vibration training. Feel free to contact us – we will find out the right treatment option confidentially, holistically and personally.


Three-dimensional harmonic vibration increases bone density. Vibration enhances blood circulation and metabolism, allowing fragile bone tissue to receive more nutrients through more efficient blood circulation. Vibration also affects the balance of hormonal function, which results in more efficient bone remodeling in three different dimensions. Regular training with Power Plate has been shown to improve osteoporosis as the only device in the world. For that Power Plate has been awarded the MDD (CE) Medical Device Certification in the EU.

Back pain

More and more of our clients come to us for help with lower back pain or neck-shoulder pain. The vibration produced by Power Plate relaxes the muscles. In addition, vibration training increases the metabolism of pain areas in the body, thereby eliminating the body’s “waste products” and fluid retention. More relaxed and energy-balanced muscle tissue is easier to stretch and strengthen with vibration – the movements are more controlled, the duration of each exercise is short (30-60 s) and the training is highly targeted.

Knee Pain

Many knee pain problems are caused by tight and shortened muscles and tendons in the thighs and buttocks, which pull the joints into wrong position. Rehabilitation of the thighs and buttocks can often overcome difficult knee pain conditions, when the natural movement of the foot is restored safely and efficiently through vibration training. An important part of knee rehabilitation is also getting mental support and finding the courage to make the most of your knee. Other causes of knee pain include defective positions of the foot, ankle, and hip, osteoarthritis and the IT tendon (especially the runners and other physically active people). These problems can also be treated very well with vibration training.

Joint disorders

Osteoarthritis and many post-traumatic conditions are effectively and safely treated with Power Plate vibration. Often even small, static, supported exercises can effectively increase muscle strength and support joints. Vibration-enhanced metabolism and blood circulation treat the problem area naturally, supporting and accelerating the healing process.

Chronic pain conditions

Numerous studies show that exercise can effectively help with long-lasting pain conditions. The harmonic, three-dimensional vibration directly affects the nervous system enhancing the regeneration and balancing the function of the nerves. The effects of oscillation on muscle tissue increase metabolism and blood circulation, allowing the body to repair itself from the inside. The relaxing effect of vibration promotes pain management. Hormone function and in particular increased hormone levels through exercise (eg endorphin, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) also play an important role in exercise-based pain management. Whether it’s migraine, trigeminal nerve pain, sciatica, dislocation of a vertebrae disch, fribromyalgia, tennis elbow, wrist tendon stenosis, plantar fasciitis, or even lower back pain – contact us!

Metabolic disorders

In adulthood, changes in hormonal function radically affect metabolism. Many forget to adjust their sleep, eating and exercise habits to the new state and requirements of the body. In middle age it is common to experience fatigue, powerlessness, weight gain and general reluctance. The right diet is important for weight management.

Vibration training can help you to get more power into your life. Three-dimensional vibration activates the muscle pump and thereby the venous return. Accelerated blood circulation enhances and balances the hormones regulating metabolism. Vibration also affects the lymphatic fluid circulation and consumes very efficient energy – up to 72 hours after training! For a busy schedule, a fast and effective Power Plate exercise is more valuable than gold and probably the best investment for the days of old age. A healthy body is home to a healthy mind. 

Frozen shoulder syndrome

Rotary cuff syndrome, or frozen shoulder syndrome, is a nasty affliction that can take years to heal. Swelling and inflammation of the tissues around the shoulder joint, pain during movement and reduced blood flow to the tissues in the area prolong the condition. The disorder can be treated much quicker than usua with vibration training as part of functional rehabilitation. Our customer says: “I am a tennis player and the nuisance has been frozen shoulder. After only 10 Power Plate sessions my mobility improved significantly and I was able to play tennis again. I can warmly recommend Power Body Helsinki; my whole body feels so much better than before. ”

Diastasis recti

Abdominal muscle separation occurs not only after pregnancy but can also be congenital. In men, the most common form is a hernia in stomach area from the navel upwards. The treatment of a hernia is important because the abdominal muscles, together with the pelvic floor, diaphragm and spine, form a bundle of muscles and muscle membranes that support the inner organs and especially the back. Weak lower abdominal muscle mass often leads to back pain, urinary problems, and gynecological problems. The involuntary muscle contractions produced by vibration exercise the desired muscle group very efficiently, and even a short exercise can provide a good response quickly and safely. However, care must be taken when initiating a cure! Other health problems or illnesses may prevent effective training and may even aggravate your discomfort. An experienced counselor is of particular importance in treating a diastasis –Power Body Helsinki team has the training and experience, especially in the treatment of diastasis. In addition to medical education and experience, Elina, for example, has two years of personal experience in treating a diastasis recti.

Neurological diseases

Three-dimensional, harmonic vibration affects the body through the nervous system. Therefore, Power Plate may help control symptoms such as Parkinson’s disease and MS. However, the response is always individual and depends on many other factors. In these cases, well-trained, experienced nurses will help you if you decide to try the Power Plate.  Rehabilitation of various other neurological disorders, such as stroke syndrome, is greatly enhanced by vibration. The use of static movements will make training much easier to follow, as do the equipment pillars with handles.