Training session

How to get prepared

For your training you will need clean socks and comfortable clothing suitable for sports. During the exercise you might sweat, so a change of clothes and a small towel may be necessary. You should drink water forehand fairer than usual so please bring a water bottle with you. You also need a lock for the locker.
To means of payment we accept cash and most debit and credit cards. Invoicing fee stands.

Training session

On your first visit you will identify together with your Trainer your condition and tell about your own wishes and goals. Based on these, an individual exercise program will be planned. Your program will be updated along your progress and your improving condition.

After washing hands and a sip of water you’ll have access to the device itself. The training starts with feeling the vibration and observing your reactions on it. With the assistance and guidance from your Trainer you will perform a variety of movements utilizing the Power Plate and other resources (such as dumbbells). Warm-up and stretching are a natural part of the training. A relaxing massage gives a boost for your way home, promoting the body’s recovery from training.

Your body will be ready for a new Power Plate training after about three days. Your Trainers experience and skills ensure you get the best workout on every visit. A trained eye will identify existing strengths and areas to be developed. Your workout routine can always be changed in order to achieve optimal training response.

PowerPlate training takes about 20-30 minutes. For a first visit (so called Get to know -training) you should set aside time to 45-60 minutes.

You are welcome to gain strength and enjoy an effective workout! Book your visit here.