Results in less than 30 minutes!

Finland’s first Power Plate Studio, Power Body Helsinki, offers you effective, efficient and safe Power Plate training with the assistance of qualified Trainers regardless what your output level or goals are.

Recover from covid-19 infection, other diseases and traumas safely and effectively. 3D, harmonic vibration boosts blood flow, fluid circulation and recovery of the muscles. You will get rid of any excessive drugs in your system, swelling and mucus in the lungs while using vibration. Say goodbye to dizziness, nerve pain and fatigue. With our experienced trainer you can train safely and individually. Book you appointment here

Amazingly effective way to shape your body! Vibration training really boosts up your body. Get rid of swelling and extra fat with only less than 30 minutes of training. The effects of vibration training will last for days. With individually guided training you will hit just the areas in your body that you want to shape the most. As an extra benefit you will notice the infamous anti ageing effect that Power Plate training offers. Book your session here!

More muscle mass and strength! Are you not getting the results you want with your weight training? Do you wish to intensify recovery, get more strength with certain muscle groups or just that extra kick back in your training routine? The answer to all these questions is vibration training. Book your first session here and let our skilled trainer raise your body to another level.